Travis CI Enterprise CI/CD

Self-Hosted CI/CD

Our CI/CD Security Measures

Security is our top concern when handling your source code, and our clients retain full ownership and control over the data behind their firewalls.

All data is stored anonymously using several secure software services. Librato Metrics is used to collect runtime data that ensures availability and reliability. We also use Papertrail to store logs that allow us to investigate issues while scrubbing sensitive information, and Google Analytics to track visits to our site.

Tests take place in an isolated environment on virtualized servers that are disposed of after each run. They can be restored from a snapshot that has no knowledge of source code except for the code needed for the build environment. All of our traffic is secured and encrypted with SSL/TLS.

Your source code will only be accessed via SSH with keys for authentication. Each enterprise CI/CD client receives their own SSH key via email when they sign up. Outside of reading the .travis.yml to determine the best build strategy, we will only access your repository directly when checking the source code of our build machines.

When Travis CI is integrated with software like GitHub Enterprise, administrators can use OAuth to set user permissions on what repositories they have access to with LDAP or SAML. Travis CI can also be integrated with to give administrators greater control over their scale and security.

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Features include


Our enterprise CI/CD service offers a range of build environment images that cover an extensive set of languages. Environments are updated with the current dependencies that each community is using. Specific changes are easily customizable before being deployed for use by your team.

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SVN and Perforce CI/CD

Users can connect version control systems Perforce and Subversion to Travis CI to run their CI/CD workflows in the cloud. Customers who use version control systems with Assembla seamlessly connect their accounts to Travis CI. Ask us about our Assembla and Travis CI bundled discounts.

Self-Hosted or Cloud-Based CI/CD

Our enterprise CI service is an on-prem version of our software that can be deployed in your own infrastructure. This allows maximum flexibility and ease of use for our clients. But Travis CI also supports a cloud setup and deployment in a Kubernetes cluster.

GitHub Enterprise Support

Use your GitHub Enterprise installation as the authentication and authorization layer, allowing you to leverage your existing LDAP or SAML with no extra configuration.

Why Choose Travis CI?

Travis CI has more than 700,000 active users worldwide. Our clients know they can trust our strong security measures, flexible software, and robust features. With Travis CI Enterprise, developers can use CI/CD on multiple deployments and testing teams with almost all the same features as our cloud service.

Travis CI also offers parallel building through the Build Matrix, Build Imports, clean VMs with every build, live build requests, and auto-deployment on passing builds. Tests can be completed on Mac, Linux, and iOS, as well as unique architectures like AMD Graviton 64, IBM PowerPC, and IBM Z.


Our clients choose Travis CI Enterprise because they need the flexibility that it offers. Customers can add as much build capacity as they want, and the entire team can have visibility and control over the build process.

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Travis CI can run in a multi-node setup behind a load balancer, providing safety from hardware failures. It supports the on-premises environment of your choice, including AWS, Google Compute Engine, VMware, OpenStack, and Azure.


Pair Travis CI with other software to create a powerhouse of integration and deployment.

  • Assembla
  • GitHub
  • Hashicorp Suite (Terraform, Vault, Consul, etc.)
  • Coveralls
  • Code Climate
  • SonarCloud
  • Custom Integrations
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Travis CI supports more than 30 programming languages.

Android Julia
C, C#m C++, Objective-C MATLAB
Clojure Python
Crystal Scala
D Smalltalk
Dart Swift
Elixir Visual Basic
Java, Javascript

Travis CI Enterprise brings flexibility to your CI/CD process and gives your entire team visibility and control over the build process.