Travis CI Enterprise

Self-Hosted CI/CD

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Whether your team uses tagging, feature branches, or commits directly to master, Travis CI Enterprise supports your way of shipping code.

Deploy Travis CI Enterprise in your infrastructure.  Using Travis CI Enterprise allows you to enable an easy-to-use Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) system in an environment you configure and control.

Travis CI Enterprise enables you to provide a CI/CD service for multiple development and testing teams, as well as the ones belonging to your organization as your customers. It allows you to introduce your own customizations to the build environments, thanks to its open-source nature.

Travis CI Enterprise brings the features of the hosted platform to different development processes. So whether you would like to run CI builds on-premises with your servers or in your private cloud, Travis CI Enterprise will fit into your team’s workflow.

Features include

Meets Security and Regulatory Requirements

With your servers and hosts deployed inside your firewall, you have full ownership and control of your data.

Customizable Images

A range of build environment images, covering an extensive set of languages, updated with the current dependencies each community is using.  Specific changes are easily customizable which can then be deployed for use by your team.

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Perforce and Subversion CI/CD

Connect directly to your Assembla Enterprise account and seamlessly run CI/CD with your Subversion or Perforce repos.

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Support for GitHub Enterprise

Use your GitHub Enterprise installation as the authentication and authorization layer allowing you to leverage your existing LDAP or SAML with no extra configuration.

self hosted

Hosted on your Infrastructure:

Supports cloud or on-premises environment of your choice. You can even deploy it in a Kubernetes cluster.


Scales to your Needs:

Flexibility to add as much build capacity as needed.

high availability


Can run in a multi-node set up behind a load balancer, providing safety from hardware failures.

Travis CI Enterprise brings flexibility to your CI/CD process and gives your entire team visibility and control over the build process.

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