Choosing Travis CI vs Jenkins

Travis CI Enterprise is the continuous integration and delivery platform
your team knows and loves, on your infrastructure.

Integrate with Github Enterprise or to bring flexibility to your CI/CD process.
Get control over your security and scale out your build infrastructure as needed.

Why choose Travis CI over Jenkins?


Modern user experience

With our modern UI and API, your team will get a great experience whether they use Travis CI Enterprise with their web browser or our command line client.


Developers who are experienced with tools such as GitHub will have used Travis CI for their open source work, making it easier for them to get started and testing your team’s repositories as well.


No maintenance bottleneck

Maintaining the builds of your repositories should be everyone’s job. Instead of relying on that one build person in the team, Travis CI makes infrastructure and configuration a team responsibility.


Easy to manage pipelines

Your time is valuable. Therefore, setting up new pipelines is quick and done without the involvement of any other team. You can also make changes and improvements as your project evolves.

Consistent environments

Instead of using the build agent approach, where a machine or host is reused between builds, Travis CI encourages a ‘clean room’ approach, where each build is run in a new, clean consistent environment.

Easy to maintain upgrade

Upgrading to the newest release takes only five minutes. Travis CI Enterprise allows your ops/infrastructure team to monitor the health of the machines, and easily provides diagnostic information to our great support team if a problem arises.

Secret management

Manage secrets easily together with your build configuration or through your browser for each repository. Travis CI makes sure they are not exposed to users and contributors.

Travis CI is trusted by great companies

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“It has been a game changer for us because our process to deploy was hours if not days before this, we were only building and deploying maybe once a week. We got to the point now that we’re deploying continuously.”

Michael McKay

DevOps lead, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Team