Identify Objects And Faces With Machine Learning AI And Javascript

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) usage is exploding worldwide in all kinds of industries and it is really easy to bring AI functionality such as object and facial recognition to Sencha Ext JS applications. We are going to discuss how quickly TensorFlow.js can be deployed in Javascript and show you how you can […]

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Automatically Label Objects In An Image With DenseCap API And Javascript

As businesses and individuals move increasingly online, they accumulate large volumes of data in the form of digital images. If you have found yourself in this position, then you are definitely aware that to efficiently organize, analyze, and edit your images takes plenty of time. It takes so much time, in fact, that often the […]

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How to Create a Responsive JavaScript Admin Dashboard Easily with Ext JS

A well-built admin dashboard can significantly increase the productivity of your business. With Sencha Ext JS, you can create responsive admin dashboards easily, allowing your company to discover valuable insights into your data at a glance. The benefits are clear, with a better understanding of your data, you can make more timely and informed business […]

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Quickly Build Powerful Executive And Admin Dashboards With Javascript

First impressions last, especially when you start working with a new framework or library. Many people struggle and it difficult and frustrating. That is why Sencha has put in the time and effort to make Ext JS accessible, no matter what your skill level is. This is because on your first contact with our framework […]

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How To Visualize Data With D3 And JavaScript Using Treemaps, Heatmaps, And Pivot Heatmaps

The D3 package in Sencha Ext JS boasts several powerful components. By utilizing them, you can create amazing data visualizations that can help your business uncover valuable insights both easily and conveniently. In this post, we will discuss three of the most useful Ext JS native components: Treemap, Heatmap, and Pivot Heatmap. Let’s dive in. […]

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Ext JS 7.4 Has Arrived

The Sencha Team is excited to announce the release of our Sencha Ext JS 7.4, the latest milestone version update for our best-in-class JavaScript framework.  This release includes many highly requested features and upgrades including 4 new rich Grid features, and addresses 15 customer reported tickets for both Classic and Modern Toolkit. What’s New in […]

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Upscale Images Via Machine Learning With Javascript Super Resolution API

  Images are everywhere. Whether on the internet, our phones, or even in our day-to-day lives, most people amass huge volumes of data in the form of digital images of varying quality. Any library of digital images, personal or public, is likely to contain low-quality or blurry images. Unfortunately, however, these can problematic to view […]

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Easily Build Powerful Interactive Data Visualizations Using D3 And JavaScript

The D3 package in Sencha ExtJS enables you to create interactive data visualization easily. By utilizing it, you can present the data more effectively in your web application. As a result, individuals and companies can easily uncover valuable insights. In this post, you will know the details of creating powerful data visualizations using two components: […]

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The Future Of Javascript App Testing Is Through Automation

As a developer, we understand how hard is to test all possible problems of an application, and always if you make an important change on your project you probably would be afraid if the application will be broken after merging your code to production, right? Not counting a lot of time you have to spend […]

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