Git CI/CD Software

Using Travis CI as a CI/CD with Git version control tools results in cleaner code and an optimized software development process. CI/CD automation for your Git builds saves time and helps your team work more efficiently as you progress with the continuous integration and deployment pipeline. 

Achieving DevOps success with a CI/CD system like Travis CI is easy. Our tools for code testing and deployment are an integral part of software development for Git users everywhere. Automatically build, test, then integrate code all in one central location with a Git CI/CD. Our software’s intuitive user interface makes the development process simple for team members who don’t have extensive knowledge of coding languages.

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Why Use Our Git CI/CD?


Revise and Test Git Code

CI/CD systems work wonders as Git code review tools. Users can view all previous versions of their source code with our version control features. This makes undoing changes a simple process. If you’ve made several changes since the mistake that calls for a version restoration, the new code changes you made can easily be implemented into the restored Git code.
Testing Git code with our code scanning tools makes it easier to find more code errors than with competing software for Git code revision. Finding broken code segments and malfunctioning features before deployment is our priority as much as it is yours.


Faster Deployment

The continuous deployment features of our Git CI/CD software benefit users by consistently updating deployed projects. Users don’t have to engage in multiple steps when attempting to revise an already deployed product. They can simply make revisions to their Git code in the code repository, and the deployed project will automatically update to reflect the new and improved version.


Greater Security

In comparison to the GitHub Actions CI/CD, our continuous development tools have advanced automation and precision. Rather than using open-source code review tools for Git, use a private CI/CD with Git and feel confident knowing that your source code is secure.


Continuous Integration for Git Version Control

Why use a Git CI tool? Travis CI’s cloud-based continuous integration makes collaborating with your software development team easy. Instead of allowing your team to change the code without supervision, Travis CI allows project managers to easily approve requests to change code or send them back for more revisions.

Several team members can work on different segments of a project’s source code simultaneously without having to worry about their changes being lost due to others’ edits overriding theirs. Multiple developers tackling different project features is the most efficient way to launch your product in record time.

With cloud-based integration, large file sizes used by companies like film editors and game developers aren’t a problem for the server. The expansive space in the cloud has more than enough room to accommodate massive files of highly complex code.

Benefits of Travis CI as a Git CI/CD

Travis CI is a verified application of GitHub trusted by thousands of software development companies and DevOps teams in various industries. Travis CI supports over 20 different coding languages and will revolutionize your code-testing process regardless of methodology. 

Compared to GitLab’s continuous integration, Travis CI’s Git version control tools are more customizable and convenient. With the innovation of cloud-based integration, you can view and revise code from anywhere.

Git Code Review Tools

Securing your source code should be a top priority, especially for enterprise companies and industries that deal with confidential information. Open-source Git code review tools offer less security than our cloud-based integration, which has several security measures. Cloud integration and deployment are secure, private, and reliable. Plus, you’ll never have to halt working on a project because your on-prem server crashed.

Vulnerability scanning tools in our CI/CD system find places in your Git code that could be susceptible to security breach attempts. Finding these vulnerabilities before the project is deployed can save your company from a costly attack.

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Merge Git Code Segments

Git CI/CD automation leads to less manual labor for developing teams. With Travis CI, coders can merge code segments and features they’ve already coded in previous Git projects and implement them in the source code repository of a new project. This method of duplication increases efficiency in the software development and testing process, removing the need for developers to create features from scratch.

Simplified Git Code

We want to make the jobs of developers easier, and simple coding means less time spent revising and endlessly scrolling in search of errors. Using Travis CI, you can accomplish the same demands with your software using fewer lines of code. On average, we use four times less code than competing Git code review tools. This also frees up file space, so your operating system won’t be as slow.

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Start Using a CI/CD with Git Software

Travis CI can improve your Git version control process. The efficiency of our Git CI/CD software is unmatched. The return you’ll see on automating your software testing and deployment process is well worth the investment. If you want to see for yourself the difference Travis CI’s tools can make, sign up for a free trial for one of our plans, and start creating better Git projects right away.