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Faster Deployment with CI/CD Automation

Testing teams need tools to enhance their continuous integration and continuous development processes. Travis CI accelerates the deployment process for software developers by finding errors more quickly. Automated CI/CD tools empower developers with the organization and version management necessary to ship their finished products.

Our methodized system for revisions keeps software development teams on track and allows them to easily find the code segments and repository files that they’re looking for. If your CI/CD processes need improvement, we have the means to streamline your development operations.

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Accurate and Concise Code

Travis CI’s code scanning features are engineered to maximize security and accuracy. Detect vulnerabilities and errors in your product’s source code before deployment. Our CI/CD automation tools result in simpler code during the software development process. 

On average, Travis CI users can program using 75% fewer lines of code. This simplified coding method makes it easier for users to read, revise, and manage their repository files. CI/CD systems should not only help you spot errors in code but also help you shorten and simplify code where possible.

CI/CD Resources and Support

Our CI/CD software is fairly straightforward, but if you ever require assistance while figuring out Travis CI’s various features or other technical problems you may encounter, we’re here to help. A live chat is available to answer all your questions. 

We also have an abundance of video tutorial reference guides and other resources to make switching to Travis CI easier. If you’d prefer to turn to the software development community for help, our community forum is full of knowledgeable contributors who dedicate their time to sharing their wisdom on continuous integration and delivery. Their dedication to improving CI/CD processes is part of what makes Travis CI such a user-friendly platform.

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Smash Bugs. Deploy.

(In that Order.)

Build Branch Flow

Branch build flow 1

Pull your code to your cloud platform.

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Branch build flow 2

Travis CI is triggered to build.

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Branch build flow 3

Your build passes!

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Branch build flow 4

Travis CI deploys to your cloud platform of choice.

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Branch build flow 5

Travis CI tells your team all is well.

Pull Request Flow

pull request flow 1

User creates a pull request.

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pull request flow 2

Travis is informed the branch is mergeable.

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Branch build flow 3

Your build passes!

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Branch build flow 5

Travis CI informs the PR that it has passed.

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pull request flow 5

Now add another building block to your build.

Our Software’s CI/CD Tools

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Automated Builds

CI/CD automation assists in improving both the speed and quality of your builds. Users notice that their CI/CD DevOps motion runs more smoothly and catches more bugs. Software developers can create automated builds to maximize productivity and put fewer hours into menial tasks. The Build Matrix supports over 30 coding languages and enables users to conduct multiple test runs simultaneously.

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Project Merging

The ability to merge code segments within a CI/CD system is beneficial for software development teams. Building code is easier because team members don’t need to work on one segment of code at a time. Users can work on multiple code segments simultaneously, speeding up the CI/CD pipeline, then request to merge their updated code with the entirety of the project’s source code. Project managers can then approve the code or send it back for further review.

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Project Update Notifications

Maintaining an overview of software development projects is simple. Project managers and team leads can oversee the development and revision process by viewing a comprehensive log of which users made edits to the project on different dates. Travis CI also has the option of receiving email and Slack notifications about project status updates and edits.

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Integration with Other Tools

To make the onboarding process as uncomplicated as possible for users, we offer a variety of ready-made integrations with CI/CD tools such as Hashicorp Vault, Code Climate, and Sonar Cloud. Operating in conjunction with these integrations allows for a seamless CI/CD process, increases collaboration, and can also improve security. In addition to these built-in integrations, you can integrate any extra applications you may need. Travis CI’s software stack allows for our users to create customer Integrations.

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Multiple Coding Languages

Travis CI accommodates multiple coding languages, including Java, Android, C#, Python, and many more. Our platform also allows community-support languages for those willing to work with the Travis CI team to support a language not listed. We have resources available to assist in builds for various programming projects, and users can test in multiple environments simultaneously.

Enhance Your CI/CD Processes

Sign up for Travis CI’s cloud–based continuous integration and continuous deployment solutions. With a pricing model like ours, there are no surprise bills at the end of each month, because we work with premade plans that have a clear set number of concurrent jobs. Start a trial today and see how our CI/CD software can improve your CI/CD DevOps.