Travis CI Product Enhancements for March 2024

By Travis CI

Mar 15, 2024

Mar 15, 2024

Recently, Travis CI made several enhancements to both the Cloud and Enterprise (Self-Hosted) products, including:.

Travis CI Cloud:

  • VCS user repository synchronization quality improvements for Assembla users on Travis CI
  • Settings management enhancement, providing users the flexibility to change and reset their API key
  • Improved Travis CI/Assembla handshake functionality to automatically account for missing paths in URLs in the config files

Travis CI Enterprise (Self-Hosted):

  • Enhanced admin panel capabilities, enabling users to set the maximum transmission unit (MTU) in the UI.
  • ignificant improvements to workspace functionality, including the ability to add storage configuration options, and enhanced build caching support
  • Developer productivity improvement: users can now define the length of job logs in the .travis.yml configuration file, providing enhanced build output readability