SVN and Perforce CI/CD Options

By Travis CI

May 5, 2023

May 5, 2023

Software companies that use version control systems such as Subversion and Perforce Helix Core can reap significant benefits from using Travis CI to test their code. We offer both cloud-based and on-prem setups and work with companies of all sizes to create a build environment that improves efficiency and productivity.

The Benefits of Version Control CI/CD Tools

Project Tools

Our software enables Perforce and SVN users to easily fix bugs and make updates before seamlessly deploying their code. Travis CI’s tools allow users to copy, modify, and merge coding segments across different projects. Users can also duplicate code from previous projects and easily merge it into the next one.

Our code scanning feature will highlight issues to allow users to quickly make fixes and revise their code. When our software no longer detects any issues, it can be deployed automatically.

Task Automation

Travis CI’s auto versioning feature saves time for veteran developers while allowing newer users to use the software without the need for extensive experience. If they make a mistake, they can easily revert to a previous version of the code. Travis CI is built to help developers save time, and our validation, integration, and deployment tasks can be executed with a single command.


In addition to the dozens of ready-to-implement integrations we have available, Travis CI also enables our clients to custom integrate the applications they use, including but not limited to:

  • Hashicorp Vault
  • Code Climate
  • SonarCloud

Storage Options for Perforce & SVN CI/CD

Travis CI is the original cloud-based continuous integration and continuous deployment software. We are the only cloud-based solution for SVN and the best choice for Perforce users. 

Our platform allows for easy collaboration between staff working in different parts of the world by logging in through the Assembla web portal. By using the cloud, our clients can store large file sizes and access them quickly without slowing down their servers.

Enterprise companies can host their code on their own servers if they prefer, or use a hybrid model.

Why Choose Travis CI?

We are trusted by more than 700,000 active users who are running more than 300,000 projects on our platform. 

Travis CI is available on Mac, Linux, and iOS, in addition to unique architecture such as IBM PowerPC, IBM Z, and AMD Graviton 64. It can connect directly to popular development platforms such as Assembla and GitHub. Our software supports more than 30 coding languages and allows tests to be run in different environments simultaneously with our Build Matrix.

Travis CI helps our clients avoid code bloat and use simple syntax. Deploy your SVN or Perforce code with about a third less code than you would need with another CI/CD software. The added efficiency saves space and allows for fewer opportunities for error.

Security for Perforce and SVN CI/CD

Security is our top priority at Travis CI, and we’ve taken extensive steps to ensure that your code remains safe. We run builds in ephemeral environments, which are destroyed once the build is executed. There’s no possibility of accessing them without the appropriate rights.

Repository administrators may limit access to the build job logs to a narrow group of users, such as those with write/push access, in order to limit the risk of accidental leaks. By default, build job logs older than one year are no longer available, though administrators can choose to allow access through API authentication. The logs require API authentication tokens for both public and private repositories.

Travis CI also scans post-job logs for confidential content and forcefully masks the elements deemed suspicious. The software alerts the repository collaborators and administrators to the issues it found during the job log scan and provides a detailed report. The report is made available for seven days and provides a full breakdown of the raw job file.

Our software uses a native engine and stored internal keys to enable developers to use encrypted strings in their build definition files. But Travis CI also integrates with Hashicorp Vault to enable clients to use a central key management system to maintain their secrets. Users can provide instructions in their build definitions, or use a travis.yml syntax.

Our clients can also use a cosign tool to digitally sign their software before releasing it. The signature shows that the software has not been interfered with and that it’s safe to download.

Our CI/CD Version Control Security Features

  • Certified PrivacyShield
  • Data encryption in geographically diverse areas with redundant facilities
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User permission documentation
  • 24/7/365 security monitoring

Connect with Assembla

Assembla’s Perforce Enterprise clients and those with self-hosted Perforce and SVN repositories can link their accounts to Travis CI to run SVN and Perforce CI/CD builds.

Assembla will soon add the ability for Assembla Cloud clients to use Perforce and SVN with Travis CI. That means an Assembla user, signing in to Travis CI using their Assembla Cloud account, can enable Git, SVN, and Perforce repositories in Travis CI and easily set up an automated CI/CD process.

Our Clients

Travis CI’s efficient use of code, easy-to-use tools, and comprehensive security features make it an ideal choice for a wide range of industries. Companies that deal with extremely large file sizes can significantly benefit from hosting their Perforce and SVN CI/CD setups in the cloud. 

We frequently work with video game developers, entertainment companies, semiconductor designers, and industrial manufacturers that work with large assets and need their software to be responsive. With the future of many of these industries relying increasingly on remote work and international teams, the ability to easily deploy your code from anywhere using our web portal is a major advantage.

Try SVN or Perforce CI/CD Today

Ready to try using Subversion or Perforce with Travis CI? Reach out to our staff to set up a free trial and start testing your project within minutes.

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