Replay Office Hours: Adding GPU to Your Travis CI Builds

By Travis CI

Nov 16, 2023

Nov 16, 2023

Watch the replay for a Travis CI Office Hours with Michael Mendy. In this office hours, Michael guided through integrating GPUs into the build process, selecting the right GPU size for your specific Travis CI build needs, and how to appropriately modify your .travis.yml file to accommodate these changes.

About Michael Mendy

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Montana Mendy is one of the most prominent members of the CI/CD community. He is a software engineer with Travis CI. He regularly speaks before groups talking about CI/CD, he’s spoken at IBM, droidcon, LeadDev, Arm DevSummit and others. His intimacy with CI/CD pipelines comes with extensive knowledge of things like YAML, Docker and other software infrastructure technologies managing high-level server systems from small to large-scale deployments around the world.

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