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Michael Mendy

Michael Mendy is one of the most prominent members of the CI/CD community. He is a software engineer with Travis CI. He regularly speaks before groups talking about CI/CD, he’s spoken at IBM, droidcon, LeadDev, Arm DevSummit and others. His intimacy with CI/CD pipelines comes with extensive knowledge of things like YAML, Docker and other software infrastructure technologies managing high-level server systems from small to large-scale deployments around the world.

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presentation at droidcon

Get Michael’s presentation at droidcon. In his presentation at droidcon, Michael showed how to run Android emulators in Travis CI successfully. Plus, you will get access to Michael’s GitHub repository for droidcon.

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Access to the Travis CI
presentation at OpenInfra

Get Michael’s presentation at OpenInfra. At OpenInfra, Michael demonstrated in Travis CI, specifically multi-architect builds on Linux platforms (Ubuntu) and BSD (FreeBSD), and how fast it is to set builds up with these OS’s, and what to take into consideration when picking your OS when starting your builds from top to bottom. Also, you will get access to Michael’s GitHub repository related to OpenInfra.

Cloud Native
Computing Foundation

Get Michael’s presentation at CNCF. Additionally, you will get access to Michael’s GitHub repository for CNCF.

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About Travis CI

Travis CI is a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platform that enables developers to quickly and easily build, test, and deploy code. The ease-of-use and flexibility offered by Travis CI is core to software development as part of a modern DevOps toolchain. Travis CI supports your development process by automatically building and testing code changes in smaller increments, providing immediate feedback on the success of the change; giving developers a peace of mind when it comes to their projects.