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Travis CI Enterprise is quick to set up and saves you time when compared to other Enterprise CI products.

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Travis CI is the perfect solution for in the cloud or on-prem

Travis CI was created to help improve open-source software. Our goal has since grown to make it easy for all developers to set up and configure continuous integration. Over 300,000 open source projects are using Travis CI today, such as Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Sentry, Puppet, and Logstash.

Isolated builds

Easy to configure

Scales to your needs

Your build configuration is just as important as your code. That’s why it’s committed to your repository, and we fetch it when needed. 

All builds run in an isolated container, which offers a fresh build environment with every commit. 

Your team has the flexibility to spin up as much build capacity as needed. If it’s a busy week before a production release, just start up some more capacity and let your team test to their heart’s content.

Leading brands across the world use Travis CI Enterprise for their projects

Customized Enterprise CI/CD on the cloud or on-prem

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GitHub Enterprise 

 Use your GitHub Enterprise install

 Leverage your existing LDAP or SAML with no additional configuration

Regulation requirements

 Full ownership and control of your data

 Meet the security requirements of your company

Your infrastructure

 Cloud or on-prem environment

 AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack and VMware







Countries worldwide

Our goal is to make it easy for all developers to set up and configure continuous integration

"It has been a game changer for us because our process to deploy was hours if not days before this, we were only building and deploying maybe once a week. We got to the point now that we’re deploying continuously.”

Michael McKay, DevOps lead, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Team 

"It has been a game changer for us”
- Michael McKay, IBM Cloud.

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High availability

Great support

No more “Build Person”

Travis CI Enterprise supports the private cloud or on-prem environment of your choice (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack and VMware). Starting with version 3.0, it can be deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. 

Our team is fluent in a range of languages and tools. As an added bonus, we are also experienced with GitHub Enterprise. 

Maintaining your repositories builds should be everyone’s job, not just one person. Travis CI makes infrastructure and configuration a team responsibility. 

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