Open Source at Travis CI – An Update


Nov 24, 2020


We’ve recently had a lot of feedback and questions from the Travis CI community and beyond about the future of open source at Travis CI, following our recent announcement about how we are tackling accounts that are taking valuable resources away from your builds.

Open source has always been and always will be at the core of what Travis CI stands for, reflected in the fact that we’re still committed to offering accounts specifically for open source repositories. We’re also partnering with leaders in the open source world like AWS, IBM and Arm to give open source projects the power to build, test and deliver the software that powers the internet and beyond, such as OpenSSL and Apache HTTP Server, with over 300,000 other open source projects trusting the speed and reliability of Travis CI.

We’re confident that our recent changes have brought the abuse of open source at Travis CI under control, ensuring resources are available to all developers and teams as well as improvements to the overall performance and stability of the platform.

Also, we are fast approaching the end of a lengthy migration process from to, which was initially announced in 2018. This migration enables all accounts – including open source – to receive the benefits of new features and infrastructure improvements under a single platform. Open source accounts, as always, will be completely free under

We’re looking forward to engaging with our ever-growing open source community in ways that are meaningful for everyone involved and welcome your feedback. For anything relating to your open source account, pricing changes or anything else relating to our recent changes, please contact [email protected].

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