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Jan 2, 2022


Ever want to know where you went wrong when configuring your .travis.yml file? You should try Travis CI Build Explorer. Travis CI build config format is formally specified using a JSON Schema. Travis CI uses this specification to normalize and validate build configs, let’s do a sample.


First let’s open up the Travis CI Build Explorer. Let’s take this .travis.yml file for example:

language: bash

  - chmod +x
  - ./
  - python --version
install: skip
script: true

This is a good .travis.yml and Build Explorer will pass it, here’s how it will look when I run it through Build Explorer:

188221303 68b73ec9 321a 450a 8053 a8d761960745

Now let’s say we have a .travis.yml that errors, and we wnat to find out what that is. You’ll notice the verbose output on the right:

188221730 78158553 9f32 427e abe4 15ea613abc27


Travis CI Build Explorer is a great tool to get more verbose outputs as to why your build might be failing and give you another scope of things you might be able to change.

As always though, you can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, or problems about your .travis.yml file, or just want something answered about the Travis CI Build Config.

Happy Building!

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