Integrating Postman with Travis

By Travis CI

Jul 15, 2022

Jul 15, 2022

Postman is an API platform for developers to design, build, test and iterate their APIs. Now let’s connect Travis CI with Postman and learn something new!


To get started on the integration with Postman in Travis, first you’ll need to login to Postman, and setup Newman. Once you’ve added Newman, add the Newman configuration you copied from Postman to the .travis.yml file. My current .travis.yml file looks like this:

language: node_js
- "12.18.3"

- npm install newman

- node --version
- npm --version
- node_modules/.bin/newman --version

- node_modules/.bin/newman run$KEY --environment$KEY

Note, you’ll need to eplace all instances of $KEY with a valid Postman API key. The Newman GUI will look a little like this:

179301052 a04e92b5 d48c 4ff9 b30d da04d61c47d1

So now make a commit, and push your code. To view the test results in Postman, open your API and select the Tests tab.


You now have an idea on how Postman and Travis work together using Newman. As always, if you have any questions, please email me [email protected] for help/and or if you need assistance with this tutorial.

Happy building!