Auto publish your data using Travis

By Travis CI

Apr 25, 2022

Apr 25, 2022

What if our goal is to on every commit is to trigger a publishing to ‘master’ branch or another base branch?

Getting started

So you’ll need to tell Travis to grab a package called DataHub in your .travis.yml, then in your script tell DataHub to push, let me give you an example .travis.yml:

language: node_js
  - "8"
install: npm install -g data-cli
script: data push --public
  - master

You’ll see we called to install data-cli globally – once that was met, we used a script hook to run data push --public.

Environment Variables

You’ll need your environment variables from DataHub, so before you start building grab those or your build will end up breaking.


As always, if you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] for help.

Happy building!