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By Travis CI

Nov 2, 2020

Nov 2, 2020

Changes to Travis CI pricing are coming!

At Travis CI, we design CI/CD products to make code testing and deployment easy. We are a huge supporter of open-source teams, with many projects such as OpenSSL, Apache HTTP Server Project, and others that form the modern web’s backbone relying on Travis CI.

We’re relentlessly making improvements for you by releasing product updates at a rapid pace, while continuously listening to your feedback across Twitter, GitHub, the Travis CI Community forum, and our customer support team.

Along with this relentless drive to improve the Travis CI product, we’ve also seen some fundamental changes in what our builders need from us. Originally, Travis CI was a product designed for developers supporting open-source projects; as usage grew, we saw larger teams and businesses using Travis CI to collaborate across public and private repositories. This has pushed us to expand the definition of what Travis CI is, evolving from a tool for open-source developers to also being a place for collaboration across large teams who work with different repositories from a range of cloud platforms, including GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and Assembla. As a result of this shift, we’re offering new plans to help organizations scale, grow, and collaborate.

Today we’re announcing a new pricing structure for some of our Travis CI plans offering faster build times and greater flexibility on some of our existing features (and new features to come).

What do the pricing changes mean?

The pricing change does not affect most Travis CI users who run their builds on public and private repositories using Linux and Windows OS. The pricing change will take effect on

The upcoming pricing change will not affect those of you who are:

  • Building on the Travis CI 1, 2 and 5 concurrency job plans who are building on Linux, Windows and experimental FreeBSD environments.
  • GitHub Marketplace plans
  • Grouped Accounts
  • Enterprise customers (not building in our cloud environments)
  • Builders on our premium or manual plans. Contact the Travis CI support team for more information.

The upcoming pricing change will affect those of you who are:

Building on the macOS environment

macOS builds need special care and attention. We want to make sure that builders on Mac have the highest quality experience at the fastest possible speeds. Therefore, we are separating out macOS usage from other build usage and offering a distinct add-on plan that will correlate directly to your macOS usage. Purchase only the credits you need and use them until you run out.

  • $15 will buy you 25 000 credits (1 minute of mac build time costs 50 credits)
  • Use your credits for macOS builds only when you need to run these
  • Replenish your credits as you need them
  • More special build environments that fall into this category will be available soon

Building with more than 5 concurrent builds

You asked for speed, you’ve got it! For our mega builders, now is your chance to build even faster. We are now offering an upper tier plan which will allow you to be able to build all of your builds with very high or unlimited concurrency. Existing builders on our higher concurrency plans will be migrated to the new usage based plans upon their current plan expiration. New builders wanting to have greater concurrency should contact their support reps to transition to the new plan.

  • Usage based plans will be granted an allotment of starting credit
  • Each build minute deducts credits from your balance (see table below)
  • Additional credits will be available as add-ons
  • Usage based plans will include monthly user based licenses

Building on a Trial Plan

For those of you still kicking the tires on the Travis CI product, we are switching the plan from 100 builds on private repositories to our trial (free) plan with a 10K credit allotment. This will allow you to build on whichever environment you’d like to test out. Trial plans expire when you use all of our credits or after a year.

Building on a public repositories only

We love our OSS teams who choose to build and test using TravisCI and we fully want to support that community. However, in recent months we have encountered significant abuse of the intention of this offering (increased activity of cryptocurrency miners, TOR nodes operators etc.). Abusers have been tying up our build queues and causing performance reductions for everyone. In order to bring the rules back to fair playing grounds, we are implementing some changes for our public build repositories.

  • For those of you who have been building on public repositories (on, with no paid subscription), we will upgrade you to our trial (free) plan with a 10K credit allotment (which allows around 1000 minutes in a Linux environment).
  • You will not need to change your build definitions when you are pointed to the new plan
  • When your credit allotment runs out – we’d love for you to consider which of our plans will meet your needs.
  • We will be offering an allotment of OSS minutes that will be reviewed and allocated on a case by case basis. Should you want to apply for these credits please open a request with Travis CI support stating that you’d like to be considered for the OSS allotment. Please include:
    • Your account name and VCS provider (like[your account name] )
    • How many credits (build minutes) you’d like to request (should your run out of credits again you can repeat the process to request more or discuss a renewable amount)
  • Usage will be tracked under your account information so that you can better understand how many credits/minutes are being used

How will the new pricing changes be released?

Beginning on Monday the 2nd of November 2020, customers impacted by pricing changes listed above will be gradually upgraded to the new pricing scheme upon their plan expiration date.

To check the specific date for transferring your subscription to a new plan, please go to the subscription page in your account settings and review your renewal date.

What do I do if I can’t build my builds?

After November 1st, all users on updated concurrency plans who wish to run macOS builds will need to go to the plan page in your account settings and purchase credit addons in order to run your builds.

Additionally, all users who are on the new usage based plan (previously on the 5 concurrent job plan and higher), will start with a credit allotment but will have to purchase credit addons if you run out of credits.

For all other issues, please contact Travis CI Support.

Here’s what the addons page will look like:


What do these new plans cost?

Current Users

Existing builders on the 1,2 or 5 concurrency based plans, will see no change in their pricing. Those plans will remain exactly the same and offer the same great services.

macOS Users

MacOS builders will need to purchase add ons on top of (in addition to) their paid plans. You can purchase packages of 25k credits for $15. 1 macOS build minute = 50 credits.

New Usage Based (metered) Plans

Usage Based plans start with an allotment of credits. Credits are purchased up front and user licenses usage is billed at the end of the month based on the number of unique users triggering builds each month. Additional credits can be purchased at any time.

Credits are allocated via:

Experimental FreeBSD10

If you are running a large number of builds or users each month, please contact Travis CI support if you’d like to discuss your plan.

What if I want to upgrade my plan right now?

If you would like to upgrade to the new plan, go to the Settings Plan tab, and choose the desired plan. If you want to switch to the new usage based (metered) plan with unlimited concurrency, please contact our [email protected] for help and more information.

Getting help

If you want to know more about the TravisCI Pricing, check out the docs.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the new Travis CI pricing, please email [email protected] for help.