Announcing support for open source projects on

By Travis CI

May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018

We are excited to announce that starting May 2nd, 2018, you will be able to test and deploy your open source and private projects on

We’re proud to support open source and we believe this change will give you more flexible workflows and a better overall experience. In addition, our integration with GitHub is moving to GitHub Apps. This allows us to offer improved security and paves the way for some exciting new features.

Back in the Early Days…

We created a separate platform for private repositories on as a way to differentiate our subscription offering from our community-sponsored open source offering. We also thought it would be a helpful barrier to allow us to trial new features on open source.

Over time we found two platforms lead to confusion for people using extensively, or together with Not to mention, it is tricky for our support and engineering teams to keep everything updated in concert.

However, when we decided to move our GitHub integration to GitHub Apps at the beginning of this year, we realized it was a great opportunity to dive into merging and into a single platform. Our new Integration would be the first service built specifically for the new combined platform. With the first release of this process complete, we’re thrilled to share everything we’ve been building!

GitHub Apps Integration

Moving to GitHub Apps has been the biggest change to our integration to date, and we’re looking forward to the flexibility it brings. This creates the foundation for us to remove the repo-scoped OAuth login token, which is a common request, so eventually you will be able to grant us access to only the repositories you want to test on our platform.

The new integration brings reliability and stability to how Travis CI communicates with GitHub. This means that as developers change teams within organizations, or repository ownership changes, Travis CI will continue to run builds seamlessly.

In addition, GitHub Apps makes it easier for users to sign up with us through the GitHub Marketplace, which provides a simple billing solution across the GitHub ecosystem.

Here’s How to Jump In!

Adding New Repositories to Travis CI

If you’re activating a new repository – either public or private – on Travis CI, please use You’ll be able to take advantage of our newest features, and share additional concurrency between open source and private repositories.

Repositories Already Using

Existing repositories and their build histories will stay on for the moment. We will have further updates soon on how to migrate your build history from to Read more on how this will work for your existing Open Source repositories in the docs.

Repositories Already Using

You can switch over to GitHub Apps on your account page on Log in, click the “Activate and Migrate” button, and select the repos you want to move over. Happy building!

New Travis CI Users

Welcome to Travis CI! Go ahead and sign up at You will be able to use the GitHub Apps Integration right away, and all of your repositories will be in one place. This is the best time to get started!

Current Travis CI Users

You can continue to use both your and accounts as usual for now. Over the next several months, we’ll be migrating all repositories and customers to Though this will not happen right away, you can go ahead and read more about what to expect in the docs.

Thank You!

We’re really excited for you and your team to start testing open source and private repositories together.

We also want to send a huge shout out to GitHub for all of their work and help making this integration possible!

If you have questions, comments, thoughts or feedback, please let us know at [email protected].

Happy Building!

Josh Kalderimis VP of Product