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Simple YAML configs

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With Travis CI, you never have to choose between speed, quality or cost:

  • Connect directly to Assembla, GitHub and more.
  • Parallel building with our Build Matrix.
  • Simple syntax means faster time to value.
  • Clean VMs for every build.
  • Live build request.
  • Auto-deployment on passing builds
  • Pull request support.
  • Test on Mac, Linux and iOS.
  • Test on unique architecture like AMD Graviton 64, IBM PowerPC and IBM Z.
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We are the original cloud-based CI/CD solution.

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Enjoy multi-environment testing.

Run and test simultaneously on different environments.

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Pinpoint (and fix) failed tests.

Take the guesswork out of development. Travis CI highlights bugs so you can find them immediately.

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Simple app and fast onboarding.

Sign-up for Travis CI and begin testing projects within minutes.

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Lean engineering.

Avoid build-bloat.  Control the number of builds to stay focused on the most important tasks and save costs.

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Multi-language Build Matrix.

Travis CI supports 30+ coding languages.

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Your secrets are safe.

Securely store your environment variables with us or through our Hashicorp Vault integration.

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Code less and deploy more.

Travis CI requires approximately 33% less code than other CI/CD tools.  Develop faster and get more out of even your most prolific engineers.

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One-command automations.

Your time is valuable. Automate validation, integration and deployment tasks with one command.

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Find and squash bugs before you deploy new code.

Automatically catch code failures and bugs.  When everything works up to your standards, Travis CI also automatically deploys new changes.

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If you need it, you can integrate it.

Travis CI offers dozens of ready-made integrations with tools like HashiCorp Vault, Code Climate and SonarCloud. Plus, you can custom-integrate any additional applications you need.